Sunday, September 11, 2011

Stella's baby brother has arrvied !!

1st March 2011

Jett Anthony arrived at 7:37 this morning.
Stella stayed with her nana and pop and came in later that day to meet her little brother.

Two days later we were all home as a new family of four.
I was worried about trying to get into a good routine ( SOS )
Stella was still waking through the night and was always up very early in the morning.
Jett was a good patient baby from day one, I think he knew he had to be.

We started getting into a rhythm, I felt good and was getting confident going out with the two of them by myself.

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  1. You have two of the most amazing children Chels. Stella is so strong and Jett, it's incredible that he has been the chilled big boy from the beginning. Like you said, it's like he knew he had to be. He came at the perfect time x