Saturday, September 17, 2011

She's home

Our baby girl is home and she's safe in our arms

24th June 2011
We didn’t even last a week at our house. Everyone in the immediate family got sick so Stella was shipped to her nana’s (my mum’s) to keep her in quarantine until we got better. It ran through all of us over 2 weeks until it eventually hit Stella.
She had bronchiolitis (RSV) again after having it once in hospital. The 15 days that she was sick was absolute hell. I didn’t sleep. I was so worried the whole time. She would cough, couldn’t catch her breath, then go blue. It was awful and very draining on my little girl’s body and on me too. I was glad to see the end of that and have Stella back.
Over that time, we talked with our family and the decision was made to move into my mums and her partner’s house. Not the most ideal thing to be doing at nearly 30 but we had to remember everything and anything that we are doing, we are doing for Stella. There is no way I could look after Stella and Jett on my own. Scott still had to work. He just worked three days at this point in time to try and spend more time with Miss Stella.
So after 10 weeks in hospital we were out. It was great not having to travel back and forth every single day from the hospital. By then end of it I was sick of everything to do with the hospital no matter how lovely most of the nurses and doctors were.
At home Stella is on a cocktail of anti-seizures and vitamins 5 times a day.
She is completely nasal gastric fed.
She cannot sit up, nor hold her head up.

It’s still so unreal, unreal for all of us.
I can’t bring myself to really think of what we’re facing, what we are dealing with.

This is our Stella now and nothing, nothing at all can change that.


  1. Beautiful Stella. At home where she belongs oxo

  2. The sweet baby girl.

    Huge hugs to you all xx

  3. i love this photo of the two of you, it's beautiful!!! xxoo

  4. Your daughter is so sweet. I love this photo. Those little cheeks were made for kissing. x