Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lets talk about it

This week is mitochondrial awareness week so I dont think there's a better time to let this go public.

It also "World Stay in Bed Day" this Sunday the 25th. Please go over to and see what it's all about.

I would love for you all to read my blog, share it with your friends and talk about mitochondria disorders - the invisible disease.

This is all for Stella.
I don’t want her to go un-noticed and I don’t want her condition to go un-noticed.
It’s a devastating disease that affects many families in a lot of different ways.


  1. You are an amazing mummy Chelsea. Doing wonderful things for stella and other families too oxoxox

  2. What a beautiful little girl. So sorry that she's been diagnosed with such a horrible illness. Thinking of Stella, you and your family. xxx

  3. Chelsea & Scott... we are thinking about you and your little family. We hope you have the strength and courage to get through what ever may lie ahead & you are able to cherish every day that you get to spend with Stella. We will constantly keep you in our thoughts and prayers xoxoxo

  4. Thank you so much for sharing Stella's story. Your family is never far from my thoughts, sending lots of love your way xxx

  5. I hope I have helped - in some way.

    Awareness is a magical thing.

  6. Thanks so much Nicole, I just had a look and what you have written is lovely and perfect x

  7. You are an amazing woman Chels, and I am so honored to call you a friend. Your posting about the PICU bought back alot of memories for me of when the twins first went to NICU, no-one could tell us anything and that handwash smell, still makes my heart go tight with memories.

    Please give your little star two little kisses from N&C xx

  8. Oh Chels, I read your blog at lunch and started crying in my work tearoom. I am so sorry that your beautiful strong girl has to deal with this. I can only imagine your pain. I wish you every strength. With all my love xo

  9. The most perfect picture of such a perfect little Star. That smile is one that will etch itself into your mind every single tough moment you have of every single day. They say perfection cannot be reached, our children do it in the simplest of ways, and your little Stella oozes it! Be Happy sweet girl! xo