Sunday, August 12, 2012

Miss you Stella Bella


Stella has almost been gone 8 months.
8 months is also how long she fought so very hard to live and beat this disease.
In that 8 months from the first long standing seizure to the night she passed she was just pure love and delight.
It was hard, hard for the whole family. Within weeks we had taken on a critical nurse role and it wasnt easy, but having that time to cherish with Stella is something I'll never forget.
We were ever so lucky to have that time to use each day as best we could, filled with love, cuddles and smiles.

Some days I still can't believe that me, Chelsea, has lost my only daughter.
It still seems surreal and untrue. I don’t think it'll ever 'really' sink in.

Each morning I go into her room and say good morning.
Each night we go into her room and turn on her star lamp and say goodnight.
My mother (Nana) and I still buy her things we think she would like when we are out.

Doing these things helps me feel like she's still around, I know she is, I do wish daily though that I got to see her grow up into the special being that she was but I guess that was not her path.

Miss my pretty little princess....
We all do....

C xxx

7 week old Stella Grace