Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A scare

Well Im not one to usually let everyone know whats going right when it happens, dont like the fuss, but I did start this blog so I could get suppport each week and let everyone know what is going on without actually having to tell you !

30th September

Stella woke up and I noticed she had a twitch in her right leg.
I didnt think anything of it as she sometimes does twitch when under stress or not feeling well.
By the afternoon the twitch had moved to her upper arm down the right side.
This raised alarm bells in my head- I called Neuro nurse at the Mater straight away, she said to bring her in.
On the way in the car I started to panic as she was moving a whole lot more. We have been instructed to give Stella a rescue medication while waiting for ambulance etc. I decided it couldnt hurt to give it to her, so I put the required amount in the side of her mouth. A minute later she vomited.
We weren't far from the hospital now and thank god because I was really starting to worry.

We raced her up to ED who knew we were coming. Scott carried her through. The doctors asked me what had happened but I didnt have a voice to be able to tell them !  That's how much I was starting to panic.
After 40mins off them setting up the IV's into her arm and leg, trying her on three different strong anti-seizures, she finally settled down. Thank god. I was a mess the whole time as all I could think about was how it happened last time, that day back on the 16th April :(

Our little princess was so brave during it all, and even managed a cheeky smirk once she had settled down.

She spent the night in intensive care and another night in her other home, Ward 7 East. All the nurses were happy to see her, just not under the circumstances.

We took her home Sunday, and she has slept nearly every hour since then.
A seizure can knock your body about in general, add to that the amount of drugs it took to stop it plus her disorder, and it equals a tired little girl.

It was scary but it stopped, and thats the main thing. Last time it just kept on going, even after copious amounts of drugs.

She's one little rascal who I love just so so much xx


  1. Scary stuff :( so glad she is doing well now. Poor tired little chicken!

  2. Just so scary Chels. Love that she gave you a cheeky smirk - beautiful darling Stella <3. xo

  3. Chelsea thank you for sharing this with me as I think about you, Stella and your family and wonder how things are going. You are all so strong and it is very admiring. Stay positive and I will continue praying for Stella. Xx Jodie hilton

  4. Stellais one brave girl Chels, and so lucky to have you all. Glad all is ok now. xx Love Mel