Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy Birthday my Princess


I miss you today, I'll miss you always
I will ache forever in my heart for you Stella

I do try imagining you smiling and laughing. Through my tears the thought makes me smile.
Anything and everything I do, I think of you, say hello and carry on.

Today you turn 2 years old - you should be here with me.

I can however feel you around me, and see you in Jett.

You chase those butterflies my Sweet x

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  1. Happy 2nd Birthday beautiful girl. I hope your party with the angels is a special one.

    Love and hugs to you Chelsea, Scott, Jett and Family oxo

  2. Happy birthday Princess Stella xxxx

  3. Happy birthday sweet girl. Party hard with all the other stars! Thinking of you and your family today and every day xxx

  4. Happy 2nd Birthday, Stella Bella. Happy 2nd 'Mother's Day', Chels xox

  5. Happy Birthday Beautiful girl. Thinking of you Chels and family. Hayley xxx

  6. It hurts my heart to see such a beautiful post and picture and know you are no longer able to cradle your angel.

    I hope you feel her every breath on your skin at night as she watches over you all. Such a short life but never ever in vain will it be. I predict from Heaven she will continue to guides greatness from this tragedy and leave us all wiser.

    Happy Birthday little Stella xx

  7. Happy birthday beautiful Stella.
    You are in our toughts every day and as well as every night when we look up at the stars.

    Have a wonderful birthday sweet darling with all your Angle friends xoxoxox

  8. Happy Birthday beautiful little girl xox

  9. Happy Birthday Stella xxx

  10. Happy Birthday sweet Stella. Thinking of you always. Love Mel, Snowy & Lewis xxx

  11. Happy 2nd Birthday sweet angel Stella xx

  12. She should be here with you...I am so sorry for you and your family and think about you often. I am a mother and my heart hurts for you xx

    Happy Birthday Stella.