Friday, October 5, 2012

The whole truth ?


Yesterday I didn't tell the whole truth and it felt wonderful. I wish my fantasy was actually a reality.

While out shopping for a baby girl gift for a friend I was asked if the items were for me. I said no, we haven't found out what we're having. Jett was with me so of course she asked me if i was hoping for a girl. Without hesitation I said I've already got a girl and a boy so will be blessed either way with our third.
Then at the checkout another lady asked me if the items were for me.
We got talking and she asked how old my girl and boy were. I said Stella will be three in January and Jett will be two in March, and this baby is due 2nd January which means I would have three under three.... She said with a smile that I'm a glutton for punishment , oh how I totally and utterly wish I was.

This is my third magical pregnancy yet I only have one child here. It isn't right and it isn't fair.

Somedays it's easier to say nothing at all.

Somedays I NEED to tell all.

And somedays I love to live in a wonderful dreamland when out and about and pretend like my Stella is still here, and she
's not actually with me cause she's with her nana or at daycare


My little Miss just over 6 months old


  1. Love u honey xxx heather

  2. You are so strong chels she will always be your Stella Star your first born daring baby xx nat

  3. Oh Chels, that is a heart warming and heart breaking story at the same time... its heart warming to think that Stella is so alive in your heart & in your life... I can imagine if in the same situation I would do the same things... it is heartbreaking because she is sparkling in the starry heavens and you are so right, it is NOT FAIR. Lots of love and joy for you n your family, thats what i''m sending your way...
    Big hugs Chels, and a rub on the belly from me too xxxx Cel xx

  4. Always, always thinking of you lovely. xx

  5. You are right it is totally unfair. I would do the same thing I am sure when out and about. Thinking of you and your family