Wednesday, November 16, 2011


16.11.2011     ( 7 months on to the day )

Ive been feeling very emotional this week.
Everytime I look at Stella I cant help think what she 'should' be doing.

I dont normally think about the future, I think about the now.
Thinking into the future just crushes my heart.

It is so so unfair.
I still cant grasp why this has happened to my Stella.
I'm trying my very hardest to be strong for her but sometimes I just cant help but cry.

Here she is, the most beautiful girl xx


  1. Chels, Stella is on her own path of what she should be doing, she is living her own special and beautiful and life.

    I want to reach thru the computer screen and give you a big hug xxxx

  2. I think you're allowed to be upset, God, who wouldn't be? Having moments of despair is normal. Stella is so beautiful and this disease is so damn unfair. Sending virtual hugs x

  3. Chels I'm not surprised that st times you are consumed by the enormous reality of Stella's path...I cannot imagine but I hope you can draw some small strength from everyone out there inc us here reading your blog and sending virtual support and love from afar.

  4. Chels, our hearts break for you all. Your feelings are perfectly normal and it's okay if you can't always be strong.

    I want to say more, but it's too upsetting. We all want what you want, for this NOT to be happening. For Stella to be living a healthy life. This is just so wrong and so unfair.


  5. Stella is so lucky to have such a loving mum like you. I'm a new mum and can't imagine just how difficult it must be juggling two little ones and giving Stella all that care. But I look at that beaming smile on your face full of love and think well you are doing it, what a fab mum she has and good on you for doing such a superb job. Thanks for sharing your story and having the almighty strength to blog about it. I've liked the Facebook page and hopefully the word will get out to achieve more research. A big hug to you and your two gorgeous kids.

  6. Chels my heart breaks for you too! Being a mum is hard enough with all the everyday stuff let alone dealing with a unwell child! Take care! We love you and think you are amazing!! XXXOOO