Wednesday, February 15, 2012

62 Days ....


Its been 62 days since you’ve been gone Stella Bella.

I miss you; your face, your eyes, your hands, your toes…

When I see pretty little blonde girls out, that Jett watches with joy as they run around, I think of you.

I love remembering your attitude, your jibber jabber, your cheekiness.

How you loved swimming and just being in the water

Also hanging out in the shed with your Dad.

How you use to bop around whenever you heard any music.

How you loved having breakfast at the Coffee Club with me.

I love remembering your ‘scrunch face’, sooo kissable !

I also love picturing you doing the ‘star fish’ on the floor when you were getting tired.

How you use to drag your massive knitted blanket around everywhere !

Also how much you loved banana cake and spaghetti bolognaise.

Sometimes the grief is crippling but so too can be the happiness I feel for you, I know you’re safe and I know you are loved.

One dear friend said: “How lucky is Stella, all she has ever known is love- here and there”


  1. <3 so beautifully said chelsea... Thinking of and praying for u; scott; jett n ur familie... Much love being sent your way <3 Stella is a true star <3

  2. You have one wise friend Chels, such true words. xx

  3. I read your updates each time, I just want you to know...but I never know what to write xo

  4. From one mito mommy to another, thinking of you tonight.

  5. Your words are always so beautiful Chels.

    You have good taste Miss Stella :)

  6. Thank you for being my words when I dont have the strenght to say them. I am 21 months today. I hope my little Peony is with your Stella.

    Lots of tears today XO

  7. Your words touch the heart. Thank-you for sharing and reminding me of the special moments I share with my star. I know that each time I read them I will cry but my tears are from my heart.

  8. Beautiful memories - I love reading them. You are always in my thoughts xo

  9. February 15 was my adorable baby boy's first birthday! It was also the one year anniversary of his twin sister's passing.

    Through my overwhelming grief my Mum offered me some sage advice. She said, "They say, 'Life is for the living', so while I feel great sadness that my granddaughter isn't here to celebrate her first birthday, my focus is on my grandson because he is here and I can celebrate with him."

    My son's birthday will always be bittersweet and my Mum's advice pulled me out of the slump I was in and enabled me to celebrate the life rather than mourn the loss. I am sure you have your moments Chelsea but your positive attitude and appreciation in having your brief time with Stella is inspiring.

    With love from one Angel Mummy to another. xxxx